It is common to hear about a failure of a diet plan and all sorts of reasons are given by the people who underwent the diet. From being too casual about the diet to not understanding it properly, people normally fail to understand the reason of the failure.

Diet plans
If a person goes back to his/her dietitian and says that the diet was not meant for the person, the dietitian gives all sorts of reasons and never concedes defeat. Why some diets do not work on some people is because of the simple reason, which is genetics. What many people do not understand is the fact that different people have different biological make ups which means that some diets work on them and some don’t. This is the reason why the exact same diet helps a person lose 10 pounds in a month while it does not work on another. However, there is no universal diet for weight loss.

Therefore, this is a topic that people need to get educated on and here are the reasons why most of the diet plans fail:

H1- 1. Poor motivation levels
The first and foremost factor that affects the success of anything is motivation. When the people who need to lose weight tell their families and friends about their new goals to lose weight, there is no appreciation or motivation from them. In fact, to make things worse, friends and family often demoralize a person by passing statements such as there is no point in following a diet, etc. It is then very important for a person to surround himself with people that motivate and applaud at the times support is needed the most.

H2- 2. Expecting too much too quickly
The biggest mistake that people, trying to lose weight, make is that they set unrealistic expectations from both their bodies and the weight loss regimes. A person might want to get ripped after a few weeks of exercises; however, this does not happen in reality. The body gets conditioned to the lifestyle that has been followed for years and it would not be so open to change. Therefore it is just pointless to have expectations such as to lose 50 pounds in 2 months because weight loss occurs slowly and requires hard work. A more realistic goal would be losing 1 or 2 pounds every week.

H3- 3. Depriving the body of food
Many diet plans out there suggest that people should deprive their body of food and starve it. While this may look like the perfect way to lose weight, it does not have that effect. This is because as the body stops getting food at regular intervals, it goes into survival mode which has an effect on the hormones and the brain. The resulting mood swings lead a person to eat unhealthy foods at unsuitable times which then ends up contradicting the whole point of dieting. Also, in survival mode, the body starts to store fat to keep the person going instead of burning it. It is therefore not advisable to starve the body at any time.

H4- 4. Taking weight loss as a short term goal
The biggest problem with the various diet plans is that they are made for the short term period. People follow these for the period specified and after the goal has been achieved, dismiss them. What this does is that it slowly leads to weight gain as people forget about the diet plan and revert to regular eating habits. The weight that was lost with the diet plan is gained in just a few weeks. To counter this, people should take losing weight as not just a short term goal but as a lifestyle change.

H5- 5. Poor nutritional intake
The people dieting often end up consuming low levels of nutrition because of the supposed goal of losing weight. Unfortunately, for these people, poor nutrition levels actually slow down the body’s metabolism which reduces the whole digestion process. This hampers the weight loss process altogether.

dieting and weight loseH6- 6. Having foods that taste bad
Most diet plans out there focus on having foods such as low fat cheese or low fat milk. These ‘diet’ foods taste horrible which puts people off. Therefore, good diet plans should focus on home cooked food that comprise of healthy ingredients and ensure good nutritional levels.

H7- 7. Lack of exercise
While some of the more useful diet plans help reduce weight, coupling them with exercise increases the benefits even more. Regular exercise every day pays dividends throughout the year and aids in the overall weight loss process. Therefore, it is very important to stress on exercise as part of every diet plan.

To make diet plans work on people, these guidelines must be followed. As there is no ‘all for one’ diet, these factors will help people get the most out of their diet plans.

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